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Hotels in Moscow

Moscow Hotels

5 Star Hotels Metropol£ 125
5 Star Hotels Marriott Royal Aurora£ 147
5 Star Hotels Moscow Marriott Tverskaya Hotel£ 80
3 Star Hotels Astrus£ 40
5 Star Hotels Marriott Grand£ 120
5 Star Hotels Swissotel Krasnye Holmy£ 129
4 Star Hotels Marco Polo Presnja£ 46
5 Star Hotels Savoy£ 151
4 Star Hotels Sretenskaya Hotel£ 52
4 Star Hotels Korston Hotel£ 85
Hotels in St Petersburg

St Petersburg Hotels

4 Star Hotels Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Vasilievsky£ 73
5 Star Hotels Solo Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge£ 126
4 Star Hotels Comfort Hotel£ 93
5 Star Hotels Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel£ 114
4 Star Hotels Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky£ 114
5 Star Hotels Domina St.Petersburg£ 132
4 Star Hotels Nashotel£ 59
3 Star Hotels Nevsky Hotel Breeze£ 44
5 Star Hotels Angleterre Hotel£ 148
3 Star Hotels Anturage Hotel£ 45
Hotels in Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg Hotels

3 Star Hotels City-Hotel£ 58
4 Star Hotels Home Hotel£ 74
4 Star Hotels Hermitage£ 76
4 Star Hotels Atlantik£ 78
3 Star Hotels Ekaterininskaya£ 80
3 Star Hotels Magister£ 85
3 Star Hotels Fort£ 85
3 Star Hotels Iset£ 86
4 Star Hotels Alexandrovsky Park-Hotel£ 93
3 Star Hotels Ekaterinburg-Tsentralny£ 101
Hotels in Kazan

Kazan Hotels

3 Star Hotels £ 79
No Rating Hostel Zebra£ 21
2 Star Hotels Duslik£ 63
4 Star Hotels Park Inn KazanRequest
4 Star Hotels Bilyar Palaca HotelRequest
3 Star Hotels Gvardeyskaya£ 28
No Rating Hayall£ 83
4 Star Hotels Korston Hotel & Mall£ 94
3 Star Hotels RegattaRequest
4 Star Hotels RelitaRequest

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